Difference between Prayer and Supplication

Dua is the essence of worship while the prayer is the mandatory religious obligation which is an important part of Islam. Prayer is one of the pillar of Islam and every Muslim performs it 5 times a day. Supplication is the best way to communicate to Almighty Allah. But there is a difference between prayer and supplication and Travel for Umrah presents you detail information about the difference between the two.

Difference between Prayer and Supplication

Prayer and Supplication can be referred as two forms to communicate to the One who you believe had created us. Different religion and its believers use different terminologies to show their humbleness to their lord and make prayers and supplications in order to pardon his forgiveness. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jewish and others pertaining to other religions tend to make their Supplications and Prayers. The literal meaning of prayer is “a solemn request for aid or expression of thanks addressed to God or another deity”. The meaning is that a prayer is a request or praise for the Lord of their religion whereas a supplication has the meaning of “the action of asking or pardoning for something earnestly or humbly”.


Prayer is featured by the usage of epithets of the Lord and consist of extoling the qualities, physiognomies and the power of the Almighty. Prayer is an obligation that is used to thank and bow before the Almighty for all the favors He has given us and for all the love He shows towards us. Prayer or Salaat (in Arabic) is among the five pillars of Islam and is the most loveable and admirable pillar of the religion. The command to offer prayer in Quran Kareem is present at more than 700 times in the Holy Book. Its eminence can be judged by this saying;

“Salaat is the pillar of Islam”.


“Salaat is the borderline between a Muslim and a non- Muslim.”

That means that the one offering Salaat and one who is not are not equivalent.

Hazrat Muhammad SAWW said;

“Salaat is the key to Jannah.”

Prayer is the act of humbleness that includes the nuance of to praise, to extol, to magnify and to also give status to Allah Almighty because of His countless blessings He has given the humans. Preaching to his companions Hazrat Ali RA said:

“When you want to communicate to your Lord Allah Almighty then offer the prayer and when you want that the Lord will talk to you then recite the holy Quran”.


The word Supplication is known as “Dua” in Arabic which means “calling or remembering”. Supplication is unlike a prayer not characterized by the usage of epithets of God. It is in fact a mere and a humble request placed before the Allah Almighty to forgive the sins of His men and thanks Him for all the blessings He has given to His mankind. Supplication does not depend upon extoling the innate qualities and the strength of God. Supplication is something that can be made for the benefits of oneself but also for the wellbeing and the benefit of loved ones and also for the whole mankind. It is not emphasis upon the personal forms of God but rather can be made in the form of a request in front of God. Supplications are private, personal and can be made in any language according to the ease of the supplicant. On the other hand there are a number of supplications in Arabic that are specified for a number of purposes and have a lot of Fazeelat. Numerous supplications (duas) are gifted by the Holy Prophet SAWW to endeavor in front of the Allah Almighty. These short duas are easy to recite and almost every person even with a little knowledge can recite them and make a contact to his Lord. Hazrat Muhammad SAWW, the last Messenger of Allah used to make a huge number of supplications both for his forgiveness and also for thanks giving. As Allah SWT said in the holy Quran:

“When My servants ask about Me, I am indeed near to them. I listen to the prayer of every supplicant, when he pleas on me. Let them also, with a will, listen to My call and believe in Me, so that they perhaps walk in the right path”.

In Islam, prayers and supplications are made by the Muslims in order to please Allah Almighty. Prayer and supplication are types of bestowing self- effacement in front of Allah Almighty. But both have differences in them. Prayer is turning to Allah with all one’s soul and heart whereas for supplication, it is the basis of worship of Allah and servitude to Him SWT. There are few differences between the two;

  • Prayers and supplications are different in a way that prayers have definite time to endeavor and cannot be made at time not specified for them. But supplications can be made at any time, any moment when you feel to communicate with the Allah Almighty. One feels better after asking forgiveness; after sharing his problems with his only Creator without sharing with someone else.
  • Prayer or Salaat cannot be made for any other person living or deceased but supplications can be made for everyone even for the Muslim brothers and sisters we don’t know about.
  • Prayer offering required Wudhu and the direction (Qibla) towards the Holy Kabah whereas supplications does not required such conditions and can be made in any state and anywhere.
  • Bestowing prayer necessitates utmost cleanliness and cannot be offered in the state referred as un- cleaned in Islam. Supplications have not the same case. They can be made in any condition either cleaned un- cleaned.
  • Salaat cannot be performed while standing next to a person non-Mehram to you but supplications does not need such conditions.
  • While standing in a same and single row, it is not permissible for the Muslim women to pray with a Mehram while it is not an issue to supplicate while being along with them.
  • It is mention in the Quran that Muslims can call upon Allah Almighty while sitting, standing or lying down on their sides. Salaat have a different scheme regarding it. Prayers should be endeavored the way they are described to be offered while there is an ease provided to the one with physical illness. The one with illness and offer their prayers either sitting or even lying down.

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